New Pictures Up

I just put up some photos!  You can see them to the right under My Portfolio Pictures.  I still can’t figure out how to get pictures in the body of my posts : P

Most of my pictures are commercial/lifestyle but these are more in the glamour genre, a bit sexier.

Favorite Shoots

ZO2 Painted Lady

One of my favorite shooting experiences was ZO2’s Painted Lady music video, which they shot in November of 2009.

My boyfriend Josh and I went to Twisted Sister’s Twisted Christmas show in December of 2008 and the opening act was ZO2.  He really liked their act and chatted them up a bit after the show.  They were very down to earth and seemed to genuinely like their fans.  A few months later, Josh told me he had begun watching Z Rock on Bravo, a semi-scripted show based on the real life adventures of ZO2.  He loved the show and got me into it.

So when a while later I saw a casting for one of ZO2’s videos, I jumped at the chance and submitted my headshot and resume.  A few weeks later (by which time I just assumed I hadn’t been chosen) I got the call to come to the Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn in my finest “Moulin Rouge style” outfit.  I put something together with the help of some friends (shoutout here to Chelsea Vaughan!) and went.

The shoot lasted about 16 hours (for us. The poor crew of course was there much longer.) and was really fun.  The whole thing takes place in a kind of modern speakeasy, with dapper looking gentlemen mixing it up with sinful looking ladies, and I think the art director really got the look right.  There were about 20 girls, scattered either in the audience area or on the stage dancing.  I was on stage left near Dave the bassist, who is super nice. Oh, and craft services was great too-I love that there are always vegetarian options on these kinds of shoots.

One of the things I love about doing any creative project is getting to meet new people.  The people I met on the set that day were amazing.  Not only was the band themselves very personable, but I hung out with a girl who designs lace and metal jewelry (her outfit kicked ass) and a rock star’s daughter.  George Tsalikis, my scene partner I mentioned in my blog about love scenes, was also there and it was great to catch up with him.  I made friends that I’ve been able to catch up with on Facebook and will most likely see at future shoots.

In all, the video for ZO2’s Painted Lady was a wonderful experience to shoot.  If you want to see the video, you can check out their official site:  or youtube:          I’m (obviously) not the main girl but got a lot of screen time-I’m all the way on the right dancing on a chair.

I am definitely a ZO2 fan and recommend that you check them out.  Also keep an eye on my blog for more posts on shoots I’ve done, and please check out my pictures and videos to the right.

Beauty Tips 01/21/10

Hi guys.  One of the awesome models on the Model Mayhem forums mentioned this beauty tip, and after trying it out for a while I am ready to recommend it to others.

Everyone’s probably heard some near-magical properties attributed to apple cider vinegar.  My grandmother drinks a spoonful before meals because she thinks it’ll help her lose weight.  I don’t know about that, but I do know that when applied topically, raw apple cider vinegar has really improved my skin.  When it is raw (and ideally, organic) you can still see the vinegar “mother” in it and the beneficial minerals haven’t been processed out.

Apple cider vinegar contains trace elements potassium, calcium, magnesium, silicon, phosphorus, sulphur, copper, iron, chlorine, and sodium.  It has a pH level of about 5 or 6, making it acidic.  These properties make it a great natural remedy for acne and age spots.  Simply swipe some apple cider vinegar on your face, neck, and decolletage after washing in place of toner.  Don’t rinse, and wait a few minutes before putting moisturizer on so the skin’s pH level can balance.

The acidity and trace elements will prevent future acne and help dry up any existing spots.  The sulphur can also fade age spots and skin discoloration.  Anecdotal evidence from other models has  told me that I’m not the only one to see a dramatic improvement in skin tone after replacing toner with apple cider vinegar.

I think this might be a bit harsh for dry skin, so if your skin is dry you might want to skip this-and maybe toner altogether-and go straight to moisturizer after cleansing.  Also, the smell is very strong, so don’t use it if that bothers you.  Final disclaimer-I am not a doctor or expert by any means-this is all based on anecdotal evidence, so proceed at your own risk.

Check Out My Interview!

My interview with the Photographer and Model Podcast just came out.  I discuss how modeling is like acting and describe some memorable shoots.

Ron Davis has a very informative website on model photography, and you can get to the podcasts there or from iTunes.  Just search photography, modeling, etc. on iTunes and it will be one of the first ones.  I highly recommend taking a look around the site and subscribing to the podact.

Here’s my link:

Update on me!

I’m very busy lately, so apologies to those of you who may be getting my voicemail a lot.  Just keep trying and I’ll call you back.  And buy you an ice cream.

Anyway, I’ve been rehearsing for Macbeth, in which I’ll be playing one of the witches.  We rehearse three days a week, and performances are going to be every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of February.  I’ve also picked up another yoga class, so I am now teaching Monday, Wednesday, Thursday morning, and Thursday evening.  After Macbeth I’ll add back my Tuesday and Thursday afternoon classes.  This is on top of my full time day job.

This weekend, I am shooting some glamour photos with Wilmer Custodio of Studio 6.   I also plan to shoot in the next few weeks with some photographers I recently worked with, and rather than list them here, I’ll update with a new post on each as we shoot, complete with pictures.  I’m also going to continue to work with Josh R at The Pandora’s Box, a dating and relationship website aimed at the “pickup” community.  I am one of the main advice coaches.  It’s

And finally, I am very excited to be focusing more on music this year.  I should be going into the studio in the upcoming weeks working on some really cool tracks.

So that’s what’s going on with me.  I appreciate everyone’s support.  Please keep coming back here because I’m sure as time goes on the site will get better and I’ll have more exciting updates : )

Beauty Tip 01/07/10

I think this is my first blog of the new year.  Happy 2010!

I have a lot of projects in the works and will talk about those soon.  For now I thought I’d come back to the beauty tips.  Specifically, how to deal with cellulite.

I am very into natural, spa-like treatments, but the thing about cellulite is that there is no real cure, not even a plastic surgery that gets rid of it.  You can make it a lot less noticeable with natural treatments.  Most over-the-counter cellulite creams contain caffeine, which breaks down fat stores.  It would take a lot of caffeine to make a noticeable difference in body shape, but the concentrations in cellulite creams may help make the skin look smoother and less dimpled.  You can get a similar effect with regular coffee grounds in your shower.  Simply grab a handful and scrub over your thighs, or wherever cellulite accumulates.  The accompanying massage will help circulation, temporarily plumping the skin to minimize the appearance of cellulite.

At night, I do a kind of aromatherapy self-massage on my thighs to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage.  It’s a lot cheaper than endermologie, a popular cellulite treatment that is essentially a high-powered massage.  The essential oils I use are grapefruit, which tones the skin; juniper, which eases fluid retention and is traditionally believed to be detoxifying; and cedarwood, which smells divine with the grapefruit and is an astringent.  I mix about 3 drops of each in a few tablespoons of carrier oil, then slather it on.  For the carrier oil, I use coconut oil because it absorbs easily and is very light and lotion-like, but it is also a solid at room temperature and needs to be heated.   For a heavier oil that absorbs easily and is great for the skin, you could also use jojoba oil.

All these ingredients can be bought at your local health food store or, with whom I am in no way affiliated.