On Craigslist

Despite having some agency cred, I am still essentially an internet model, and as such I get most of my work online.  I belong to several modeling websites (more on those in my blog post on modeling resources) but I actually have gotten good work from Craigslist, of all places, in the past.   I’ve been hired from Craigslist for promotional work for Planet Hollywood, beauty shoots with the Make-Up Academy, the La Poblanita commercial, and some other minor paid jobs that aren’t really worth putting in my portfolio but were certainly worth my time.

Despite the fact that I have been able to get work from Craigslist, there are obviously caveats.  I tend to be somewhat paranoid anyway, so if a post doesn’t look 100% legitimate to me I ignore it.  I’ve seen “modeling jobs” advertised that promise a lot of money for work in Thailand and Brazil with almost no other information.  By “modeling job” it is obvious they mean “being sold into sex slavery,” and that is terrifying.

There are a lot of “adult” castings in the Talent section that do not mention their true nature.  I have no problem with adult entertainment producers looking for actresses for pornography, but I do have a problem whrn they try to hide the fact that they are pornography.  One of the main things I am wary of is the word “amateur,” as in “We are looking for amateur models,” especially when it’s a paying job.  If a client is looking for a model for a project they are going to probably want someone who knows what she is doing, and if they actually are looking for an amateur it is so they don’t have to pay her.  Those who are willing to pay amateurs are doing porn, because in porn there actually is a large paying market for amateurs.

One common Craigslist scam is to post a legitimate-looking casting, which then redirects you to a site you have to pay for.  Another annoying scam is that the “casting” will say that they are looking for models, model-types, or promotional models, when in reality they are looking for salesgirls for their shop.  People are clamoring for jobs right now-why would they have to resort to subterfuge?

The point of this post is basically be careful.  There are a lot of people who say to avoid Craigslist altogether, but, as I said, I’ve gotten paying jobs there and met some great photographers.  The most common problem I have with Craigslist is that I respond to a casting at the anonymous email address and it turns out to have been posted by someone I already know and have worked with.