Pinup Shoot 03/27/10

This weekend I had the absolute pleasure of working with the New York Pinup Photography Club ( ), organized by Brandon Herman.  I’ve done some workshops and I’ve done glamour modeling but had never done pinup, which I absolutely love.  I was nervous, but from the pictures I’ve seen so far everything came out great.  There were 12 photographers, including Ming Chin, Jorge Lim, Shutterslam, Davonroe, and Josh Rosenberg.  I only have Josh’s pictures so far, but as the others trickle in I will definitely post them.  The other models are well known in the pinup community and are very accomplished and famous burlesque dancers-Hazel Honeysuckle (, Jennifer aka Jaded Star ), Arden Leigh (, and Boo Bess the Baroness.  


I’ve been soooo busy lately, so I apologize for the infrequent posts here.

I have a couple of workshops set up for this month, and I’ll post the pictures when I have them.  For now, if you’d like to see examples from previous workshops, you can check out My Portfolio under BLOGROLL to the right.

Workshops are a great source of income for models but do not always result in pictures that benefit your portfolio.  In my opinion, that’s fine.

A workshop is usually organized by an experienced photographer or by a collective of photography students who bring in the experienced teachers.   Check out for great photography meetups.  I’ve done basic lighting and glamour workshops in New York City and at some college campuses.  My job is to just stand there or pose while the photographers take pictures.  Often the finished product is not the point; the idea is to get a shadow just right or get the perfect angle.  One of the reasons I love doing workshops is that I get an education too.  Learning photography inevitably helps my modeling.

If you are interested in getting into model photography you may find these workshops helpful.  Check and your local colleges for photography groups.  Often there are series of workshops for discounted prices in very specific areas-“How to Light a Model,” “Beauty Lighting,” and  “Outdoor/Natural Light,” for example, or “Pinup,” “Modern Glamour,” and “Boudoir,” for example.

And models, workshops are a great way to earn money as a model while improving your modeling.