My New Business Cards

This is the image (without the photographer’s watermark) that is on my new business cards.  I brought a cd of pictures that I thought were my headshots to Precision Photos, but the pictures turned out to be from my shoot with John Messinger, so I had to figure out on the spot which of the pictures to use.  I think I made a good choice, right?

Something That Pissed Me Off

I try not to use this blog as an online diary, but this story is modeling related so I figured I’d post it, maybe get some opinions.

Last year I did a photoshoot with a certain photographer that I will refer to here as “Phil.”  I was supposed to be modeling jewelry for the jewelry designer’s website.  We discussed wardrobe, compensation, and travel logistics on the phone a few weeks before the shoot date, and two days leading up to it we confirmed once more via email.  On the appointed day I duly caught the previously-discussed train to the photographer’s town, lugging my self-provided wardrobe.  When the train arrived, Phil wasn’t there to meet me.  Figuring he was late, I waited.

I waited almost 20 minutes before realizing that a)he wasn’t coming, and b)I didn’t have his phone number.  I called my boyfriend and made him log into my email to get the photographer’s phone number, then called the dude.  He told me, “my models usually call to confirm when they’re on the train.  When you didn’t call, I assumed you had flaked and the designer hired another model.” What!?!?! Why couldn’t he have called me?  I hadn’t felt the need to call from the train since we had already confirmed it 2 days earlier.  I was furious and told him I was at the train station already, so he decided we should just do a photoshoot on our own.  Unpaid, now, since the designer had gone with a different model.  I felt I had no choice but to agree so the trip wouldn’t be a total waste of time.  By the time he actually got to the train station, I had been waiting an hour.

We shot on-location in several outdoor spots in that town and got some ok images for our respective portfolios.  Nothing great.  We did shoot in some very interesting locations, and flashing forward to a year later, I mentioned these great locations in an interview I did about my modeling.  I spoke well of Phil too, never mentioning our little miscommunication.  I gave his website in case any other models were interested in working with him.  After the interview, I contacted Phil to give him a heads up that I had given him my endorsement on air.

His response? “I remember shooting with you.  As I recall, you were a little off that day so we didn’t get any usable pictures.”


Model Workout

What do Alessandra Ambrosio, Christy Turlington, Miranda Kerr, and Giselle Bundnchen have in common?  Yes, they’re all supermodels.  But they also have something in common with Madonna, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Russell Simmons, Ricky Martin, Charlie Sheen, and Evander Holyfield.  In case you can’t tell by the banner pic (yes that’s me!), the thing these celebrities all have in common is that they practice yoga.

As you know if you read my blog, I am a big advocate of yoga.  I’m a certified teacher and blog about it over at  Yoga is an ancient system that is holistic-it addresses right behavior, hygiene, religious practices, and fitness.  Most people are speaking about the fitness component when they speak about yoga in the West, so that is what I will do in this post.

The main difference between yoga and normal stretching is the breathing techniques, known as pranayama.  Pranayama can be used to raise or lower the blood pressure, oxygenate the blood, work core muscles, induce relaxation or even sleep.  Obviously pranayama is a powerful tool that can enhance fitness and well-being.

Physically, yoga is the preferred workout for models and dancers because it lengthens muscles as well as strengthening them.  Strength is built using the body’s own weight instead of outside resistance like dumbells or resistance bands.  You can get a great cardio workout in by taking an Ashtanga, Bikram, or Power yoga class.  You will get a great workout and find peace of mind with an Anusara class (this is the style of yoga Giselle did to stay fit through her pregnancy), and achieve grace and balance in a Vinyasa class.  There are also a ton of yoga hybrid classes out there-yoga & spinning, yoga & hiking, and, most popularly, yoga & pilates.  Pilates and yoga complement each other very well, and many of the above-mentioned celebrities incorporate pilates into their workout routines as well.

If you are interested in learning some yoga sequences, head over to my other blog and get in shape the model way.