General Updates on Melissa

Hey guys!  Things are pretty busy for me lately but I can’t neglect my site!  I just shot my scenes for Psycho-Path, a horror film I have a supporting role in.  Director Geraldine Winters is an award-winning up-and-comer whose other films are currently playing on cable networks across America.  Psycho-Path is also my first IMDB credit!

A few weeks ago I shot the video for Muderer, a pop track by another up-and-comer to watch for, J. Randy.  (hear the song here.  I’ll post the video once it’s done) Seriously, the kid’s gonna be famous so be sure to check out his stuff!  In the video, I play the titular murderer, or murderess, more properly.  Think me in lingerie chasing someone with a chainsaw!  Oh, yeah, I had fun on that set!

I’ll be shooting my role in Alex Valderana’s Batman webseries Nightwing:Escalation in the next few days.  I have a bit part but the series is solid and pretty entertaining.  Again, I will definitely post links once that’s completed.

New York Fashion Week was a blast this year.  There are always lots of models in town, making the greatest city on earth even more beautiful for a week.  I don’t do the shows because at 5’7″ I’m too short for fashion, but I am a model after all and participate how I can.  This year I did some promotional work for Maybelline, who threw a kickass party for Fashion’s Night Out.

I do shoots to bulk up my portfolio every few days, and will continue to post pictures that I like.  You can see my portfolio here, as well as at Model Mayhem and iStudio.  IStudio has the biggest collection of photos and you can see some of my implied nudes there.  Still no real nudity lol!  I don’t have any major shoots coming up that I know of, but usually those come up very suddenly and I just have to be prepared.

Fitness Tip Time!

Ok, this one isn’t really from me but from Gwyneth Paltrow, whose newsletter GOOP is actually a great resource for a healthy lifestyle.  I try to vary my workouts to keep my muscles challenged and lately have noticed that my Kim Kardashian Fit In Your Jeans By Friday butt workouts don’t make me “feel the burn” as much as they used to.  Enter this crazy challenging Tracy Anderson workout.  Supposedly Gwyneth (who looks like she doesn’t need to work out anyway, but I digress) does this all the time.  Tracy Anderson is known for keeping Gwyneth, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Shakira, and other beautiful ladies in top shape.  Gwyneth was kind enough to share a video Tracy Anderson sent her on her GOOP newsletter, and you can get it here.  Let me tell you, it’s tough!  Especially since this workout is meant to accompany other workouts and not stand alone, it will kick your ass.  Anderson recommends doing up to 60 reps of each exercise, but I began with 30 reps.  It’s been about 2 weeks since I started doing these exercises (every other day) and I’ve been able to bump it up to 40 reps without problem.  I do cardio and the Kim Kardashian workout first, then the Tracy Anderson leg workout.  Kim’s workout targets the major muscles of the lower body (with weights) for maximum calorie burn, and Anderson’s set targets the smaller accessory muscles.  That, in a nutshell, is the secret to the Tracy Anderson Method.  You fatigue the big muscles so the body is forced to recruit the accessory muscles that pull the other muscles into place.  Try it!

*Quick disclaimer-I am in no way affiliated with Tracy Anderson.  I’m just a big fan.  I’m also not affiliated with Gwyneth Paltrow or Kim Kardashian, and would definitely not consider myself a big fan of theirs.  No offense intended.  I love their workouts.