Finally, an update!

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated and I apologize!  Unfortunately I have been very busy with family issues and have neglected my career.  No longer!  I will have things to post in the upcoming months that will be exciting for me and hopefully enjoyable for you.

I recently filmed a low budget horror short for Cheap Jersey Video, a production company that spoofs the traditional horror show format.  Instead of making fun of existing bad horror flicks, CJV makes their own.  Look for me playing a very eccentric witch in their upcoming Lunar Witches.

A few days ago I shot with the very lovely John McGrath (this is his Model Mayhem page).  John is a classical artist who uses traditional media-oil paints on a stretched canvas-to create images inspired by Veronese, Titian, Tintoretto, and Michelangelo.  I  jumped at the chance to work with such a talented artist.  He has a charming studio above a cafe that is absolutely full of artwork.  Sketches from life lined the various surfaces of the studio, but for this project Mr. McGrath was taking photographs.  He arranged me and another model in a variety of poses, keeping us gracefully draped in long fabrics.  The idea is that the photos that were taken that day will eventually be painted into a very large depiction of the Nine Muses.  I am so excited to see the finished painting.

Finally, I have kept up with my portfolio, doing TFCD shoots here and there.  One such recent shoot was with the very talented and prolific Morris Antebi.  I’ll end this post with a picture from our shoot together.

copyright Morris Antebi

copyright Morris Antebi