Update, Fall 2011

Hey guys! Just wanted to say a quick “hello” and update. I’ve been extremely busy lately, but unfortunately not with the fun stuff that I can brag about here. I’ve been trying to focus more on the acting side of my career but my auditions lately have yielded nothing. I got pretty excited after making it through a few rounds of callbacks for a new Broadway musical, then nothing. Oh well. I’m still working hard. Lots of work! My agency has had me on Brand Ambassador duty lately, handing out samples and whatnot, which while technically “modeling” isn’t exactly the stuff little girls dream about whilst practicing their catwalk.

Speaking of catwalk, I have 2 upcoming go-sees for runway shows! I have never in my life actually done runway, being only 5’7.” These are for hair shows, however, which seem to be more lenient regarding height than their haute couture counterparts. I am also in the running to be in a calendar to be released by a major men’s magazine, so wish me luck!

I also got to work the booth for Retcon, a gaming convention in Long Island, at New York Comic Con! I’ve done a lot of “booth babe” work in my time and I try to only work conventions that personally interest me, like the Beauty Show. I’ve been trying to work at Comic Con for years so I was so psyched to actually go! We were trying to get convention-goers to guess the number of dice in a jar for the chance to win tickets to Retcon. They didn’t tell us how many dice there were until the last day when we had a chance to guess for ourselves. And you know something? I guessed the number exactly right. Spooky, huh?